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Shri Krishna Temple Lord Sri Krishna came to be worshipped by Sri Madhwacharya in Udupi and later the other eight Swamijis of the Mutts of Udupi thereby bestowing the status of vaikunta on earth to the town of Udupi.

Enter the Capital of the Temple Town - CARSTREET, and you can see the tower of Sri Krishna Temple, with the Kanakana Kindi just below that. In the immediate vicinity of the temple is Anantheshwara and Chandra Moulishwara temples. As you enter the temple the path leads us to the sacred tank known as MADHVA SAROVARA. The Paryaya Swamiji have to bath in the tank before commencing the worship of the Lord every day.

The Statute of the chenna keshawa adornse the now closed entrance to the sanctum sanctorum ( Garbha Graha ). But at present only on the vijaya dashami day this door is opened. When you proceed to the left circumblating path become across the small room known as anuyaga shala. The hall of oblation to the fire God. The golden palanquin ( Pallankhi ) is kept in a room in front of that. On the western side is the soorya shala a hall, where the scholars recite veda, purana, ethihasa and the works of the Madhwacharya. In the evening the pipers and the musicians sing and play musical instruments to offer their services to the lord. The chinnada kone ( treasury of Jewels ) where the jewels offered to the lord right from the days of the vijayanagara empire are stored. To the right is the mantap in front of the shrine, where the holy water is offered to the devotees. Between the mantapa and the sanctum sanctorum is the small passage and window through which the devotees can have a look at the lord. This window is popularly known as NAVAGRAHA KINDI Which represents the nine planets of the universe. From the window one can see the image of LORD SRI KRISHNA as a small boy with the churning rod ( Kadagolu ) in his right hand and rope in his left. Behind the innocent look in the face is hidden the mighty power of the lord.

Every hour and day for centuries the lamps by the side of the lord have been burning and never allowed to get extinguished. To the right of this idol is another idol of sri venugopala krishna.There is a small mantap in front of the sanctum sanctotrum where the fanning of the diety with chamara before the evening pooja and the mantap pooja after the night worship is performed. These two small shrines on either side of the hall. In the north is the LORD MUKHYA PRANA and in the south of lord garuda. The paryaya swami performs the main worship rituals known as THE MAHA POOJA every noon and THE RATHRI POOJA in the night. The tulasi vrindavana is the plat form for the sacred tulasi plant. The narrow passage leads us to the throne, kitchen and dining hall known as CHOWKI. The small shrine of Sri Madhwacharya with the mudras of knowledge and fearlessness in his hands is also located here.

From the northern entrance a narrow passage leads to the SIMHASANA or the throne. In the small room the paryaya swamiji keeps the idols of his own mutts and in bigger room is the seat where the swamiji sits and distributes holy water and prasada to the devotees. The bojana shala on the northern side of the madhwa sarovara is the massive dining hall where thousands of people are given a free food everyday. The fire wood chariot ( Kattige Ratha ), where the firewood needed for the next two years stored artistically. At the end of the passage is the VASANTHA MAHAL - a stage where recitations, lectures, discourses and other cultural programmes takes place. Formarlly the paryaya congragation also used to takes place here. Behind the vasanth mahal is the VRANDAVANA - the burial ground of the pontiffs. The RAJANGANA is a vast level ground where the paryaya assembly takes place and the centre of attraction during paryayothsava. The mass feeding and cooking for the paryaya function is located adjacent to the rajangana. The development and growth of udupi region is closely associated to the existence of the mutts. The Lord Sri Krishna Mutt is more of a social institution today which has its impact on all sectors.

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