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Agumbe Hills

Welcome to scenic beauty personified! Yes you must be in Agumbe! Agumbe is one of the highest peaks of the western ghats located about 60KM's from Udupi.Situated at a height of 830 meters from see level, it overlooks the Arabian see.Agumbe is part of Shimoga district which is a neighboring district of Udupi.

Plenty of waterfalls can be seen once you enter the forests.Onaki Abbi, Barkana falls, and Jogigundi falls are the more popular ones. Trekking on Nisha Gundi & Barkana falls could be a thrilling experience of lifetime! Agumbe receives the highest rainfall in the Karnataka state.If you enjoy driving then driving to Agumbe could be an exhilarating experience,as you need to negotiate 18 hairpin curves.While driving you can frequently spot Lion Tailed Black Macaque(Monkey).You can stop at some of the peaks between these curves & have a scenic view of western ghats.Only mini buses pass through these hairpin curves as they are pretty narrow.

Sita River View of sun going down the Arabian see is an experience that you can cherish for lifetime.If you are more adventurous you can try river rafting on Sita river which is located at about 30 minutes drive from Agumbe.

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