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Shri Madhvacharya

The basic tenet of Madhva Acharya's(1238-1317 A.D) philosophy popularly known as "Dvaita Vedanta" is that God is the Supreme Reality. He is the highest form of perfection , full of infinete auspicious attributes free from all limitations or defects and overlord of everything else in the universe. In support of this basic tenet God is looked upon as an absolutely independent being, quite different from the finite individual souls and material entities created by him.

The term Dvaita is employed to indicate this difference between God's infinite perfection and the finiteness of everything else. Further more , this universe real and the finite beings comprising the universe are subject to a sytem of gradation, beginning with the Goddess Laxmi( the creatrix of the universe and the consort of the Supreme God called Narayana ) followed by other minor gods, seers, human beings and undivine beings.The rank of any soul in this scheme of gradation depends on the degree of its devotion to God. Sincere devotion to God aided by a critical and dispassionate understanding of His Supremacy through incessant study of sciptures and other spiritual disciplines is the path of salvation to individual souls.

Madhvacharya spent his early childhood in a small village called Pajaka near Udupi.Madhva’s childhood, like most great saints in this world,was filled with miracles and wondrous events. On one such occasion Madhva’s father safely carried him as an infant through a jungle infested with man-eating tigers in order to dedicate him at the temple of Anantesvara in Udupi. It is said that Madhva, as a child, often went missing from home only to by found worshipping God and discussing philosophy with the priests in the nearby temples. Madhva once saved his father from a debt collector by miraculously satisfying the man with a handful of seeds instead of coins. It is said that Madhva had no need to learn the alphabet. Instead he spent his time wrestling and swimming. When the examinations came the young Madhva easily passed, much to the consternations of his teachers

He was the missionary behind the installation of Shri Krishna diety of Shri Krishna Mutt in Udupi.He also set up Ashta Mutt's to worship Lord Krishna & layed down plan of action for each of these mutt's.

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